The Last Circus

Balada Triste

Alex de la Iglesia :: Spain, France :: 2010 :: 1h47

(UK: The Last Circus)

While still a boy, Sergio sees his father -a clown in a circus- taken away to fight the fascists in the Spanish civil war. Years later, growing up in the unpleasant world under dictator Franco, the boy, appropriately, takes on the role of a “Sad Clown” at a circus. But there it hits him like a human cannonball: the beautiful trapeze artist Natalia. Unfortunately, she is already entangled in a love-hate relationship with the cruel and violent head-clown Javier. Perhaps even more unfortunately, she has a desperate taste for danger. Through the turbulent and dark world in which they find themselves, the two rival clowns battle it out.

Let me be absolutely clear about this: this movie is captivating from the first scene to the end. If you have seen Dia de la Bestia, you know what the director is capable of. Well, here the dark humour is possibly even darker, the images even more outrageous and the story takes you places you would not believe if you were not there to see it for yourself. When a movie opens with a clown slashing through fascist soldiers with a machete, you know you are in for a ride! Expect no visual mercy from this perfectly crafted downward spiral of killer clowns into the depths of the imagination where anything can happen.