Month: October 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve, thank you for everything. It is a sad day today. We will miss you.

As a child, at a friends house we played endlessly with the Apple II and then the first MacIntosh. We were fascinated by the mouse and visual environment, and I still chuckle inside remembering the text-to-speech electronic voice which could read to us. Hypercard which showed us what the internet would look like. Déjà Vu. Lode Runner. MacWrite. MacPaint. We learnt about so many different things – it was a parallel world which had opened up to us.

But it was only as a university student, that I got my first real Apple computer – after the launch of the iMac. And it was then that I was introduced to the internet. Not really an early adopter, but the iMac made it possible for me. My first email address, my first webpage and discovering the ever-growing wealth of information and discussion on the web. And it only got better, as connection speeds increased and the tools (both by Apple and others) kept improving.

By now, I have written thousands of pages with iWork on successive Apple laptops, each version cooler than the previous one. Email became an integrated communication form in my life, whose instant delivery we now take for granted. I learnt about desk top publishing, image manipulation, how music is put together and how movies are edited. I had video calls with people on Skype, looked things up on Wikipedia and started a blog with WordPress. I became proficient with computers despite not being particularly technical. And thathad become possible just because you, with the people you surrounded yourself with at Apple, had taken such care to properly develop your products, and setting a standard which others could live up to. You inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs, developers and engineers to the great benefit and fascination of all of us.

In more recent years, your iPod and iTunes made my music truly portable, and accessible like it never was. And then the introduction of the incredible iPhone… I was stunned. The internet had now made the huge leap from being the ultimate working tool to being the ultimate travel companion. Smart-phones, both iPhones and now others, are everywhere enriching our lives, allowing us to make more of the time we have and stay close to the ones we love. You made it all possible, taking us form one exciting development to the next.

Steve, thank you for everything. It is a sad day today. We will miss you.

My condolences to your family, your friends and your colleagues.