Or just push it down the stairs

Besides the missed chance of having the fellow pushing the armoire up the metro stairs, look at what the storage company is telling us :

“You love it. Your wife hates it. We stock it.”

Is that still arguing in their favour? Imagine if you are the unfortunate character in that sitcom. Before your marriage, she put up with your bench-press, your playstation and your antique armoire in the living-room. But since contracts have been signed and noble metal rings have been exchanged, her true feelings have surfaced. She does not like the armoire, and in fact, she had never liked it. So the armoire has to go. Being the peace-loving type of husband that you are, you call up your friends and work your way down five flights of stairs with granny’s armoire. But once you are down on the boulevard puffing away, what do you do? Is storage really the solution?

Every month as those 100 euros of storage rent leave your account, you will be reminded that she does not like your grandmother’s armoire. Every month, you have 100 euros less, which could have been time to yourself every day, with a coffee and Le Monde before work. But no. She does not like your armoire. Or it could have been a bouquet of flowers for her, every week. But no, she did not like the armoire. And that would go on indefinitely? This advice is a recipe for divorce, as, after all, you are already preparing for your new life after she’s gone. This is not a good idea. Do yourself, and your marriage, a favour and give the armoire to your sister in the south or sell it online. Or just push it down the stairs like the fellow in the Ad – you will be a happier person. And so will your wife. The timing for a counter Ad from le bon coin or ebay would be in order:

“You love it. Your wife hates it. We’ll sell it.”


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