You and the trendy shirt

Fashion designers, and the houses they work for, make beautiful clothes. Building on a tradition of craftsmanship and creativity, every season is an almost endless parade of carefully worked-out items. Brutally, they are then presented and judged by an audience as fickle as bumblebees. But it is only when they hit the shelves that it all goes really, really wrong. We are often are underwhelmed and can not figure out why. We picked out the shirt we like best and somehow it does not look as good on us as we thought it would (as it looked on the model). We are disappointed, but the one to blame is perhaps not who you think.

The clothes we pick are done on the basis of being the “coolest” we could find (/afford). And yet, they are not necessarily the “coolest” on us. The mistake we make, is to look primarily at the design, as -instinctively- the fashion houses do. They are focussed on seeking out the design and the look, as this is where they shine in their difference. But this is not where the best clothes come from, for the buyer. The most important difference between a good looking shirt and a clumsy one, is the fit. The rest of the design is only secondary.

No fashion house wants to hear that, as they painstakingly spend their lives coming up with novel concepts and subtleties to keep us looking perky. And yet, the fit is what we need. If we can not have our clothes made to size, then we should be seeking out the house which makes clothes which fit us best. As simple as it sounds, this is what will give us the best looking shirts, almost irrespective of the design. The better the fit, the smarter the look. It is almost embarrassing that we do not dress ourselves that way. Of course it is never too late – perhaps from today onwards…


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