The Casual Consumer

So the iPad 2 will start infiltrating our periphery vision in the coming weeks, as the enthusiasts will triumphantly wave them in the air as they walk out of the church of Apple, reborn. We will see backpacking kids in Beaubourg basking in the glow of free wifi, we will see business men unwinding in the metro with L’equipe online, we will see friends showing each other holiday pictures in café’s, skipping from one picture to another with the graceful swipe of a ballet dancer. Of course they will not all be iPad’s – we will see a whole range of flat, shiny, luminescent devices, and one of them perhaps even in your hands. After all, there is no reason to believe that you might want to miss out on all the fun, now is there?

But one thing always leads to another. You may be the pleased owner of a smart phone or a tablet, but then you realize that you need something to wrap it up in, or carry it around in, or, just a jacket to be able to recognize your own amongst the millions of others, almost all black. Now how hard can it be to find a good case? We all know where to buy milk and a good croissant, but most of us buy electronics so rarely that we know close to nothing about the fridge market. People end up in the FNAC or the Darty by default, or as a desperate soul on Google looking at prototype cases by some designer in Spain. When you do not know where to look, it is really not that easy. So this time round we will do things differently.

As the market for tablets and fancy phones is set to explode this year, let us start straight off the bat with the accessories. Ladies and Gentlemen, in St Germain there is a great looking boutique called Sunset Case which sells cases for fancy devices (iPhones, iPads, Blackberry’s and such) with all kinds of stuff painted on them to make them unique. If you need something special to hide or embellish that pocket window to the cyber world, this is the place to drop by. No FNAC cover for you this year. At least… to avoid popping the bubble straight away, I took the trouble not to look at any of the prices. Yes, let us stay in a blissful, dreamy ignorance, at least till the issue actually rears its head.

Sunset Case, 8 Rue des Ciseaux 75006 Paris – 01 43 29 59 71


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