On bld Sebastopol, home of cheap junk shops, dubious gay bars and a Microsoft cafe, you can now have your old VHS videos, if you know what that is, converted to another outdated format, the dying DVD. Now I would not doubt the utility of having someone convert them for you, but a boutique all by itself? How do they think they can keep enough business in there to keep the boutique running? In their defence, they wisely work together with the FNAC and the Carrefour and such to get their orders in. That is good news for the company, but what about the boutique and the poor girl who has to stand in it?

Just in case they read this, what would be great would be if they added a Photoshop bar. That would justify a live presence. They could offer to not only digitise old pictures, but to have Photoshop kids patch them up for you too. (Freelancers, if the company does not have any money.) Who does not want a good digital copy of their grandparents’ wedding? Or their father looking on terrified as the waves bring down his sand castle! To wrap it up, a patchwork of those old remastered patched-up shots would make for great window dressing…

(If you are interested: www.for-ever.com)


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