How long has it been?

Strolling around in Honfleur (Normandy) this weekend, I stumbled across the kind of sign you used to see everywhere along the coast – “film rolls, disposable camera’s and batteries”. Of course. Wait. Really? Film rolls? I was thrown into a flashback with those Canadian kids in the Libération of a few days ago trying to figure out what a floppy disk is good for. Of course they do not know, why should they?

But I remember film rolls! Yes son, you actually open up the camera and click that film cartridge in there, like a SIM chip in a mobile phone. You might even have to pull the film across. So I know, as will a lot of people. But you can not help but wonder, who still needs film? I’m sure you are thinking that some people do, but would not the type of person who takes black and white pictures of old fishermen have a collection of special made-for-Leica Fuji film in his Crumpler? Yes, I would think so.

Staring at the sign, I took a picture of it with my filmless camera – you know, to laugh at it when I get home. But I did feel a mounting urge to go in. On the one hand to see if he really does have the film. And on the other, to see if they have Boney M. on tape as well, or Jacques Chirac, président T-shirts, or a 70s D-day landing commemoration postcard, or something handmade in Europe (I know, I know). Of course, if he did have any of that stuff, it would  be increasingly challenging not blurt out something silly in his time capsule. Although: who is playing who here? The realisation struck. His sign is not a remnant. It’s in an impeccable state! Better just move along silently. Something fishy going on around here.


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