Month: December 2010

Are you really impressed?

Staring out in front of me in the RER this morning, I was faced with a pink poster of a mobile phone operator I had never heard of without a clear brand name. The Ad told us, with a few faces of amazed people, that they had mobile contracts starting at €3 something per month. That is indeed cheap (I pay a LOT more), but they do not tell you what you get for it. Typical, I thought.

I had a few more stations to go, so I took my time reading the rest, even the small print. At the bottom, I was expecting to see something along the lines of a “prices can change” type clause, which they delivered. Not that that is really necessary if you do not specify what you are getting for that rate. But never mind that. The shocker was still to come: it told you that the models used in the Ad (the same people as in the Image attached) do not necessarily agree with the opinion of the ad. Really? Those people do not think the prices of this operator are just “crazy”? Do we need disclaimers like that now? Did the wall street English girl actually speak English, and, if so, did she learn it at that language school? Does the Dior model (“j’adore”) actually looove Dior? No really? We are reaching new levels of silliness.

NB the author of this article does not necessarily believe the opinions stated therein, and takes no responsibility for having -or not- written it.