Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy :: Belgium :: 2006 :: 1h24

Fiona (Fiona Gordon) works as the manager of a fast food restaurant in a prefab suburb. She leads a settled-in life with her husband and two children, which are like silent carbon-copies of themselves. One day, she accidentally locks herself into the restaurant’s freezer-room setting off a journey of introspection causing her to question the entire set-up of her life. It is a line of questioning which will push her to the pursuit of a dream: sitting on a real iceberg.

The film has been made as if it was a physical theatre piece where the audience moves their chair from one scene to the next to follow the action. At every scene, we can almost feel our own presence as we sit for the action, to see what will happen. The actors battle it out in the (usually) static frame of our view. When they walk out of our field of vision, we are forced to patiently wait for them to come back on the stage, where we can see them. It is a curious approach for a film, which brings in a spectator proximity which we normally only have with theatre.

Part of this theatrical approach, is a specific portrayal of the characters. They all barely speak, as if living in a mime world. To express themselves, the characters have lost some of their human complexities, to be able to expose their core. The approach works well in combination with the curious story.

From a grey north, to a postcard coastal town to a boat on an ocean. Fiona takes us further and further away from her home in a quest to find herself, taking us with her. I loved the experience, but must warn you that some effort is required when watching. But if you can handle that, the film should keep you smiling all the way through.



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