Toute l’histoire de mes échecs sexuels

19075351.jpgA complete history of my sexual failures

Chris Waitt :: UK :: 2008 :: 1h33

After another failed relationship, Chris Waitt starts to wonder what he has been doing wrong all these years. To take matters into his own hands, he decides to interview every ex-girlfriend he has had to ask them what they think is wrong with him, or at least, try to. Many decline, but from those that accept, the exchanges turn out to be remarkably (and painfully) frank.

You could rightfully wonder why you would want to watch a loveable loser spend his time un-constructively chasing his happy-go-lucky past, but as the messy film progresses not only does the project actually bare some fruits but the end result is remarkably poetic. Who would have thought that about a film which opens with an unshaven young man stuck in an adolescence for a decade, or so. You see him mumbling into a webcam as in a YouTube diary, with a Russ Meyer poster prominently displayed behind him, flanked on both sides by guitars covered in stickers. As you hear him talk, you know that his life will resemble his apartment. As you listen a little more, your attention is taken in by his honesty mixed with understatement as his trademark humour. And now the tough part, getting the girls to agree. You realise very quickly that this is not going to be easy.

It is anyone’s guess how much of the film is real, and how much has been added in fiction to complete it. Knowing that some of the people in the film were acting would surprise me, which is telling of the emotion and reactions of girls who once shared his life. The films swings off into tangents and back to the subject with the mood of director, comically amassing insights into his life. Surprisingly enough, he actually manages to bring some kind of a conclusion to the whole courageous confrontational episode, but what really sticks is the loving characters he had apparently met in his life who have gone on to live their lives but share a moment of reflection with us.

It is not an exercise I would recommend anyone to do, as it could shatter your self confidence more than it teaches, but reminding yourself that those you disappointed, or who disappointed you, still hold fond memories of you is a touching thought. Watching Chris Waitt take on the challenge, is something I would recommend. He does so bravely and admirably and in his own way, remaining true to himself. The film is funny, touching and original, even if his life resembles light tragedy. You know he will get out of it. And he can amuse us all as he is doing it. Not a bad way out of a worrying situation.


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