Hadopi Rejected! Sanity Restored!

UPDATE 11 June 2009: The French Constitutional Council confirms that internet access can not be restricted by a bureaucrat sitting on a Hadopi board, irrespective of the government’s wishes or their corporate sponsors. This enlightened decision, written up in illegible legal slang, was put up on June 10th. This leaves the Hadopi law as “a big spam machine for the entertainment industry, paid for by the taxpayer”, as Mr Zimmermann of the Quadrature du Net (digital rights defense) humorously commented. With Hadopi crippled beyond use, perhaps it is time to wonder why the UMP party, who runs the government, could not have figured out themselves that this law would be unconstitutional? Do we really need to be saved (again) by the EU?

UPDATE 22 april 2009: The industry commission of the EU has decreed that internet access can not be restricted on anyone without a court order. This effectively restricts the possibility of introducing the Hadopi law in France (or any other EU country).

UPDATE 9 april 2009:  The Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament) reversed it’s opinion on the anti-piracy law Hadopi, which had been accepted a few days before! After a week long wave of public criticism, the government, surprisingly enough, dropped the heavily flawed law, an excellent decision. Although it is a great sigh of relief, the proposal will be re-evaluated on april 28th. That is probably too soon, as clearly not much work had gone into this proposal…

UPDATE 13 may 2009: Hadopi passed after a revote! After passing through the Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament), the proposal has now been approved by the Senate too. This embarrassing result will now lead to a showdown at the European Court of Justice, for allegedly beaching European law. The Strasbourg European Parliament, who is (thankfully) bitterly opposed to Hadopi, are still fighting to have it scrapped, and will argue the illegality of by issuing punishment through the Hadopi administration rather than a court of law. Fingers crossed.


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