Who would have thought – Stamps?

sarkozyIf this is not just a PR stunt, then you have to hand it to him keeping it a secret for so long… Sarkozy a philatelist! The wonders have not left this world! A born again stamp collector unearthed in the heart of the boyishly hyper-active president? Although he seems to be winning some hearts with his latest craze, this is beyond belief! To make the whole thing credible, he even set up an Elysee Philatelist Club, whose spokesperson quickly threw in that President Sarkozy’s collection is already spectacular, in part thanks to gifts from the British queen and California Governor Arnaud  Schwarzenegger.

But really, stamps? We are talking about the man who broke-up with his wife in a public quarrel, and in whirlwind romance seduced and married the ex-top model Carla Bruni? The man who made that new relationship public at a trip to Disneyland, of all places. A man who wears Ray Bans and Rolex like he’s a Mafia top dog. This is the man who collects stamps? A man who seems to have more meetings a day than time to drink coffees, spends a quiet evening at home, next to the stunning Carla Bruni, sorting out his stamps?

Do not get me wrong, I do not think hobbies have to be an adrenaline rush, and of course Sarkozy can take on any hobby he wants to, but the calm dignity required for stamp collecting just does not seem to be a characteristic of our President. In the Carla-fueled makeover he seems to be enjoying, this is presumably another step in rendering him more aristocratic, or more sophisticated. It might help up his popularity a bit (37% according to IFOP’s latest poll), to seem less interested in splashing about in money as a baby in a bathtub.

If anything, maybe it just hurt the Elysée to find out that all of Paris has been talking about Yves Saint Laurent’s spectacular art collection at the Grand Palais (see: Christies), and with this latest stunt they can finally bring back the topic we’re supposed to be talking about: El Presidente. Just like in the good old days when he was Minister of Internal Affairs.


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