Le Cosi

cosi9, rue Cujas :: 75005 Paris :: Tel 01 43 29 20 20

Metro: RER Luxembourg

Open Monday to Saturday, noon to 2:30 pm and in the evening from 7:30 pm onwards

Located just off the busy rue Sufflot which takes you from the elegant Luxembourg gardens to the monumental Pantheon, this is a Latin Quarter which could go all ways, from a culinary and a clientele point of view. These are the crossroads of the students and professors of the Sorbonne, the editors of the academic publishing houses and a never-ending flow of tourists. Le Cosi presents itself as a southern breeze in an ivory tower, where an editor can be comfortably seated discussing a nouvelle vague next to a couple of lovers dreaming in each other’s eyes. The calm, refined interior lies under a high ceiling, with red and wood as the dominant flavours inter sped with southern paintings.

Le Cosi serves Corsican specialties, which takes on a sunny Provence-Italian country taste varying form game bird to cod to veal with olives. Partly creative cooking and presentation, and partly an honest grandmothers kitchen, there is not much which can go wrong here. Prepare yourself for a great treat and be sure not to miss out on their Fiadone (cheese cake) for desert – it’s delicious! As you might expect, they’ve gathered together a very appetising wine list, with a fair share of Corsican elixirs. The only reason not to go to Le Cosi would have to be the price… but perhaps that can be just an excuse to go for lunch. And what a lunch that will be!

Lunch Menu: Appetiser & main course 15€ // Main course & dessert 15€ // Appetiser &main course & dessert 20€

Evening Menu: Dinner is exclusively a la carte (about 40€ without wine)



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