Grolsch in Paris

grolschGrolsch has been around a while. Arguably the best Dutch beer, if not the best in the world, it was originally founded in 1615 by Williem Neerfeldt. You would think that after almost 400 years, it would be a breeze to pick one up in Paris… well, think again. The world is unevenly divided. London and New York have both become blasé about it, with Grolsch virtually becoming a broker’s trademark, but in Paris the exclusivity is still on. Although… there is a charm in being special, isn’t there? The Dorsser offers you a little guide to where to find a Grolsch, without leaving the City of Light. Just keep reading and enjoy!


Download the Grolsch in Paris guide here

If you’re not happy about the limited number of salespoints… you know where to complain… Grolsch does not have to be available at every bar in town, but a better score than the current one is not too much to ask!


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