Le Jour où la Terre s’arrêta

Le Jour où la Terre s'arrêtaThe Day the Earth Stood Still

Scott Derrickson :: USA :: 2008 :: 1h42

Huge alien ships land on earth, with Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) stepping out as their representative. Klaatu is an emotionless, robotic type of alien in a human form, but with superpowers adapted to each moment. He is helped along by giant robot named Gort, which both a weapon and a time-bomb. A paranoid US government inexplicably opens fire on the alien. Klaatu survives and befriends a scientist named Helen (Jennifer Connelly) in the process. Klaatu wants to speak to the earths leaders, but the US government refuses. They escape together, chased by the US military, and as panic unfolds throughout the world, they hold the key to the survival of the planet.

The clearly intended to be a blockbuster film, is a remake of the 1951 original, but made using contemporary techniques – a story-line which does not make sense, the moral lost along the way, cheap sentimentalism and a general repeat of many other similar films. In other words, the secret recipe of success… I should not have given it away.

It is hard to decide where to start with a list of grievances. Even the setting, New York, is so dull – could the action not please take place on another street for a change? And then there’s the story. Believe it or not, there was an alien monitor living happily on our planet and studying us for 70 years, but it required this second emotionless one, to see a crying child to decide to save us all. And then there is the destruction in the end that mysteriously does not take place. But we should remember, that here characters can save themselves from the rough equivalent of a nuclear explosion… by hiding under a small bridge.

The sloppiness of this production goes all the way into the details:  it even opens with two superfluous scenes and ends in a meaningless event. A custom built cage and deep underground prison for the alien robot Gort had been prepared in a matter of hours. Along the way, we are presented a wound on the alien Klaatu which bleeds onto his shirt on the right hand side, but the actual wound appears to be on the left when we see it a little later on. I am sure you can all amuse yourselves tracking down all the errors in this awful production.

And, of course, do not forget the moral: the moral of the film is supposed to be against excessive consumerism, and yet, lo and behold, we are explained the latest gadget technology, we are presented with the miracles of Lg’s products which are randomly placed into the scenes and a top alien meeting had to be planned in… McDonalds. It’s really pretty bad.



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