Month: November 2008

Notre univers impitoyable

Notre univers impitoyableNotre Univers Impitoyable

Lea Fazer :: France :: 2007 :: 1h27

Victor (Jocelyn Quivrin) and Margot (Alice Taglioni) are in love. They live and work together in the same law firm as colleagues. They enjoy their somewhat sceptic lives until the position of associate of the firm becomes available, and both are credible candidates… the big question is whether or not their love can survive the shift of professional power.

An analysis of the role of women at work, appropriately set in the male dominated abstract world of business law. The office is uncharacteristically shown with relations and activity which actually resemble real life, as are the lives of the characters. Both Victor and Margot have credible characters with a layer of respectively male and female psychology thrown in. They are both funny, naive, ambitious and in love.

Although the occasional lapse into absurdity, the movie has been prepared with great attention to detail (notice the change in hairdo’s according the state of the characters, the pleasure in their eyes when fortune smiles on them) and really tries its best to stick to the subject of male/ female relations in the contemporary world. Frazer could easily have lapsed into a full-blown critique of the cruel world of working for an anonymous company, but she thankfully resists. Perhaps not the most positive vision of working life you will find, but it is justified and places the emphasis there where it should be – on the importance of love.