Dans la ville de Sylvia

En la ciudad de Sylvia
Jose Luis Guerin :: France, Spain :: 2007 :: 1h24

A young man returns to the city where he met a girl four years before. Her name was Sylvia. Her city, is Strasbourg. The young man checks into a small hotel and proceeds to the café of the drama school he thinks she studies at. Sitting at that table, with no other obligations on his mind, he looks around. He sees the others sitting and talking, and slowly he becomes absorbed in the little details of his momentary contact with the intimacy of others.

The young man could be anyone, wondering what happened to a potential path in his life. His heart is obsessed with an image of a woman he does not really know, one who appeared to him as in a dream which lingers before his eyes. The young man could even be the director looking for his leading role. To sharpen his senses, we see him draw those around him, to mark every little detail, encouraging the viewer to do the same. As his eyes rest on the different women around him, as he looks for his muse, we are both struck by their beauty and locked into the young lover’s dream.

Throughout his search, we watch the city unfold around us. We see the different characters living their lives side by side on the streets and through the windows. We recognise a passer-by every once in a while, not because they had a role in the narrative of the story, but because we had really seen them before. The film is a moving snapshot we are led to contemplate, with the sights and the sounds for immersion. There is one pre-requisite, however, for the lonely tourist in Sylvia’s world: you will need to un-rush yourself. But once you do, you can embark on an aesthetic journey with our flaneur.



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