La Fabrique des Sentiments

La fabrique des sentimentsLa Fabrique des Sentiments

Jean-Marc Moutout :: France :: 2008 :: 1h44

Eloise (Elsa Zylberstein) is a 36 year-old public notary comfortably living in her cushioned  apartment in Paris, who starts to feel the weight of solitary life on her shoulders. She decides to take matters into her own hands, to force the fate of love into her life and joins the speed-dating circus. Her snappy and cultivated responses to her job-interview-type suitors in the futuristic android environment contrast sharply, spinning her further into a sentimental void.

Eloise kept her young ideals of love into adulthood, as the princess in waiting, which conflict with the biological and society’s pressure of instant success. The movie traces the tragedy of the ambitions of romantic love, a love which requires the time and patience to develop in a world which, barring the chance of good fortune, rarely delivers. The solutions offered, are presented as a “forced marriage” of the past, despite the addition of a lingering ideal, which will more likely disappoint and destroy than be a true source of happiness.
The movie is blessed with an accuracy of portrayal of character, notably including the small side roles (the associate public notary, the intern, the seducers) and many a captivating image (a line of men and women all exchanging CV’s in the hope of finding a perfect match). The charm and beauty of Eloise in a world which clashes with her youthful fantasy makes for captivating watching. The director presents long scenes of short events as a TV show might do to provoke reactions from an audience left in the dark, even though we are given plenty of time to get to know her. A well placed bet, producing a gem of an unconventional movie of a excessively exploited theme.

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