Ne quittez pas

18385893.jpgNe Quittez Pas

Arthus Joffé :: France :: 2004 :: 1h42

After a radical spring cleaning initiated by his insensitive wife, Felix gives away his father’s coat to a bum. A few moments later, the phone rings sporting the voice of his deceased father (!) asking him to get it back. A surrealist tale ensues, pulling Felix over the rough edges of life to get him onto the right track.

The tale unfolds as a consciousness-awakening about one’s place in the world, in a family, in a culture and in a religion. Perhaps bizarrely enough, his job – he’s an astronomer- does not really play a role other than the idea that he has his head in the stars. In the movie, fate is but a step on the path which has been laid out for us by our parents and ancestors… but you do need to follow it, you need to hold on.

On this path we are served surrealist images of everyone phoning when you need a phone, a cameo appearance by the infamous ‘Prince Noir’ and even get to hear heaven’s operator! As light as a feather in vacuum, we are presented with an original look at life through the eyes of parental responsibility.

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