2 days in Paris

18778397.jpg2 Days in Paris

Julie Delpy :: France, Germany :: 2007 :: 1h36

Returning home to Paris, Marion (Julie Delpy) introduces her American fiancé Jack to the remnants of her life on the continent. Her left bank bohemian parents and friends surround the young neurotic couple increasing their already rampant quarrel rate. The leading theme in this comedy is the question of whether or not their love will survive the confrontation with her ‘other life’, mostly personified in a string of ex-lovers.

Filled with hilarious dialogues, often in French, with the unfortunate English-speaking ‘Grizzly’ Jack caught in the middle as the out of place kitchen stool in the living-room, the movie spins on at a break neck speed from one mini-catastrophe to another. There does not seem to be person in Paris not willing to interfere in their lives, as if they did not have enough on their hands already with each other.

Do not let the unattractive poster put you off, and spend some time in Julie Deply’s world. If there is any advice to be drawn from this movie, it would be that when you do bring your hairy loved one home, consider bringing him up to date him a little about your past … at least a little …



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