Les Chansons d’amour

18764758.jpgLes Chansons d’amour

Christophe Honoré :: France :: 2007 :: 1h340

Honoré looks at young love in a contemporary musical. Ismael and Julie live in a consensual love triangle in a romanticized Parisian setting. Seventies nostalgia abound in this bitter-sweet production where love never seems to reach the perfection of simplicity.

Honoré went through great lengths to bring the movie as close to his audience as possible, filming in the streets real people both in beauty and in scruffiness. An almost seamless integration of the songs into the script allow the love songs to tell the story of our young protagonists. Although there remains a certain embarrassing discrepancy between the spoken and sung, Honoré revitalizes a genre with humour.

Best viewed under bohemian circumstances, in a late night screening at a little Quartier Latin cinema followed by a light stroll through the streets of France’s capital. And resist the temptation to sing … or not …

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