Anna M.

Anna M.

Michel Spinosa :: France :: 2007 :: 1h46

Anna is a deranged girl who convinces herself that a Doctor by the name of Zanevsky is in love with her. Her passion knows no bounds and she shamelessly and aggressively goes about trying to woo the fellow. The unsuspecting man has to deal with a harsher and harsher Anna as she lashes out around her to try to knock the incoherent world around her into shape.

Peculiarly enough, the movie does not start in the beginning, leaving the viewer to fill in the initial scenes. As it progresses, scenes are near randomly cut, story-lines unfinished and thriller music added to cover up the lack in tension. About half way through the movie takes on a psychological turn, but does not manage to work out the details leaving us in the dark. The same goes for the side characters which pop in and out of the movie to serve the story but with unclear motivations. A very weak and unfinished product from Mr Spinosa which can only be said to have some merit through Isabelle Carré’s acting and some old-school thriller photography.

Unless you are dying of curiosity to see what a badly dressed Isabelle Carré would look like, or need reminding of the inside of the old national library, these are a couple of the very sparse reasons to spend a near two hours of your life on this production. For a crash course on elementary stalking, it is curious to note that the uncreative character of the policemen had more suggestions than that Anna’s character could come up with, and presumably, so can most of the audience. Worrying, perhaps, but even that is a better use for your precious time.

Daiphana Films


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