Les Vacances de Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Steve Bendelack :: UK :: 2007 :: 1h29

Winning a holiday in Cannes during the famous festival, Mr Bean sets off south. Although not quite with the speed of a TGV as planned, his voyage turns into a comedy road trip to the beach.

Very American in its set-up, the film has little credit to obtain from its story-line. Fans of Mr Bean will not find this remotely disturbing, as Bean’s comedy rests on the charm of the character. What works well as sketches, however, becomes rather tedious when watching for over an hour. Mr. Bean’s (mis-)adventures lead to the sad realization that the character’s entire life is filled with such silliness.

It is worth considering, that the movie is well adapted for a very young audience, as you can easily play with your bricks and watch the movie at the same time without missing a step. I would suggest someone either tries it out on their little one or, of course, climbs up to the attic to track down their wooden bricks… As an adult, I can only shrug my shoulders at talented Atkinson’s slow movie, and dream back to the days of his sketches.




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