Je crois que je l’aime

Je crois que je l’aime

Pierre Jolivet :: France :: 2006 :: 1h30

Unscrupulous industrialist falls in love with a bold ceramics artist, but out of a fear of being disappointed, he has his private investigator find out everything he can about her. Predictably the private investigator gets caught, constituting the drama of their budding love affair, after which the audience burns in anticipation of how the tale will end.

With a story-line as thin as the latest mobile phone, the weight of film would have to depend on the quality of the humor or the charm of the characters. The former sadly lacks and the latter depends on a very generous helping of goodwill from the spectator. If you are really feeling that generous, you may consider offering your friends something a little more entertaining than one and a half hours of when-will-they-finally… as the real question burning in your heart will be ‘when will they finally let me leave?’

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