Ensemble, c’est tout

Ensemble, c’est tout

Claude Berri :: France :: 2006 :: 1h37

Franck, a cook, shares a huge apartment with Philibert, a young man having trouble getting started in life. Philibert meets Camille, a young woman struggling with anorexic tendencies living on the top floor of their building. He takes care of her, as Franck does his grandmother. As time rolls by the four characters develop a ‘togetherness’ which helps them out of the little circles of their lives.

A feel-good movie in which the tenderness of the characters is predictably developed rendering the exercise somewhat superfluous. The charm would be to see the added value of ‘community’ as opposed to trying to live your life by yourself, but do we need a lesson in the importance of caring? As with all overall positive movies it is easy to skip over it, and in this case it would not be a miss. Perhaps the message would have been better passed on wrapped up in comedy. It is an easy watch but it borders on time spend watching people walk by in the street. But it’s your time to spend …



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