12h08 à l’est de Bucarest

A Fost sau n-a fost ?

Corneliu Porumboiu :: Romania :: 2006 :: 1h29

Up in Bucarest the demonstrations in front of the national TV station had led to the ex-dictator Ceausescu’s attempted escape from the country at eight minutes pas twelve. Sixteen years later, locked into the boredom of a little town, the local TV station decides to ask itself the question if they actually participated in the revolution of their country. All the characters in this little town are all preoccupied with other matters, and it seems as if there are only two candidates who actually demonstrated in front of the town hall on that particular day. But even that is still left to debate…

A curious, funny and slow movie which, from a very original perspective, analyses the role of side-lined characters in History. The entire movie comes together as a poem making a single point, while wrapped up in the portrayal of the slow, somewhat curious lives of the characters. The lack of speed may put you off, but also allows you to see better. Seriously consider walking in.


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