Mon Meilleur Ami

Mon Meilleur Ami

Patrice Leconte :: France :: 2006 :: 1h34

Sitting in an empty church at the funeral of one of his clients, the art dealer realizes that his funeral would not be any different. The sad realization that he may not actually have any friends, and the size of his ego, leads him into a knee jerk reaction of betting that he does actually have a friend and he will introduce him to his colleagues in 10 days. These 10 days are spent learning the ropes of human interaction for a character that needs to rediscover himself.

The challenging subject matter, friendship, makes the movie interesting. The ‘comedy’ structure, makes it weak. The director tried to analyze friendship and keep the ‘comedy’ structure at the same time, which is perhaps too much to ask of a short movie. We are forced to conclude that the movie is rather mediocre for lacking substance in the comedy field. Partly for not being funny enough and lacking comical complications, and partly for the ‘comedy’ being broken by more serious responses from the side characters. An inherent flaw which should have been dealt with before going into production.

To concentrate on the subject matter, friendship, it is a real pleasure to see a movie discuss what friendship really is, and what it takes. It is lightly defined as ‘someone you can call at 3AM’, but worked out slightly more through the characters and images as a kind of sexless loving relationship. The fusional-type of friendship shown in the movie is not the only type which exists in real-life, and technically one which does not really suit the characters involved – the art dealer has never shared anything with anyone (not even in his amorous life we can assume) so it would be unlikely that a fusional friendship would ever happen to him.

To be able to create a friendship, the movie teaches us, you have to smile, be likable and be authentic. The movie then doubts the formula it has given itself, as it should, and leaves you thinking about the subject. Therein lies the strength of the movie, as the instigator of a thinking about friendship. But it is regrettable that some more thought did not go into the movie before recording to make some more out it. Watch this movie if you feel like thinking about the subject, it will help to get you started.


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