Anche libero va bene

Kim Rossi Stuart :: Italy :: 2006 :: 1h48

Renato has two children who are the world to him. Raising his children and dealing with the world around him is a lot asked for his fragile composition. He tries to stand tall, to surmount the pressures on him. But it is not easy. To at least have the illusion of strength, he mimics assertiveness with an air of arrogance to, if even just for once, have the impression he is not being walked over. But his efforts are insufficient, his weaknesses exposed to a world which does not accept them. His 11 year old son stands as his support, even though he is really too young to handle it. Renato lashes out around him to protect himself, hurting the others and hurting himself.

A sad, dramatic tale which is so ordinary that it is easy to relate to. But Renato is so weak that it is frustrating. There is not much left of Italian culture in this movie, it is just a family in a crisis, a crisis induced by an imposed freedom of a modern, liberal society. A society where people have to fend for themselves, people who are not capable of it. Consider the core as Houellebecq rendered credible, but add on a crust of humor. This can not be watched lightly, as, any which way you turn it, it is a depressing tale.


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