Prête-moi ta main

Prête-moi ta main

Eric Lartigau :: France :: 2006 :: 1h30

Luis is 43 years old, works as a perfume designer, lives comfortably and has a large family who want the best for him. One day, they decide he should get married. In a state of shock, Luis hires his friend’s sister to pretend she’s his fiancé, in the hope of calming them all down. Of course, this does not quite work out that way.

A plot which should have made light humor with a cast to match leaves a certain expectation of tranquil comedy. Unfortunately that is also exactly what we get. A few funny lines here and there and supposedly funny costumes are the ingredients of a movie which fails to surpass its premise. The usual mixture of the absurd with ‘serious’ sentiments leaves a structure which will depend entirely on the dialogues, or on a strong fan base. The former is somewhat granted but the latter will be the breaking point. Mostly, if you are not a big fan of Chabat, you could just as easily skip over this movie, even if it is raining. Charlotte Gainsbourg is charming as ever, but that does not justify the entry. If you have a say in the matter, see what else is playing.


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