Christopher Smith :: UK :: 2006 :: 1h37

An office outing in the countryside with intent to team build through a little paint-ball and forced social activity turns into a blood soaked carnage. The rented house is, of course, a far cry from a rose garden English bed and breakfast, and the surrounding forrest holds an assorted collection of booby traps and angry armed men set on killing every last one of them.

The fact that we are watching an office group, as opposed to the usual group of photo-model friends on a hiking trip (Hostel, The Descent), adds a welcome difference to the genre. Their professional relationships transpose the inter-office politics discomfort into the great outdoors. As they are colleagues, there are huge differences of character and of age, which works well in further increasing the tension as they react differently to the persevering attacks. The characters correctly get all the attention, with the evil doers remaining in a near complete anonymity. Expect to see a lot of running, knives, guns, blood and gore.

A horror movie classic which is creepy enough to keep you on the edge of your chair, and blessed with a dark humor to keep you amused as the heads roll. On the whole, it is rather traditional and pointless to watch by yourself, but, watch with friends and the movie comes to bloom. Give the preference to a screening late at night where you can cheer on their survival in horror-movie-land. Let the madness begin!


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