Voiture de luxe

Jiang cheng xia ri

Wang Chao :: China/ France :: 2006 :: 1h28

Aging teacher Qiming returns to the city of Wuhan (south central China) after having lived in exile in the countryside most of his life. Picked up at the port by his beautiful daughter, his sets out to track down is out-of-view son. Qiming’s daughter gives him some leads she has managed to accumulate to start him off on his search. A painful but revealing image unfolds before his eyes.

The well-intentioned, idealistic Qiming keeps his cool in the face of disappointment, in what slowly turns from uncomfortable to awful. In order to be able to make the most of the characters, the story-line is kept as compact as possible. This may be taken as plain convenience, perhaps even weak, but the subtle confrontations between the limited number of characters justify the choice. Well worth the watch.

Celluloid Dreams


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