Chacun sa nuit

18669118Chacun sa nuit

Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr :: France :: 2005 :: 1h35

Pierre and Lucie, brother and sister, are in a full sexual development swing with their friends, until one day, Pierre does not come home. The question of the movie is what happened to him. The curiosity of the movie, is how Lucie goes about finding out. We follow her as she uses the only power she has discovered, her body, to try to obtain answers in a micro-cosmos of perversity and sexual adolescent indulgence.

It is unfortunate that the movie suffers from a confusion from start to finish, due partly to the resemblance of the characters, partly to the bizarre nature of the script and partly to the (time-frame) editing. Consequently, the audience loses interest in what could have been an original youthful tale. Lucie’s manipulation of others through their desire for her body is taken as her strength, which, even if taken as unfortunate, does not evolve into a more mature version. Character development is perhaps a lot asked for a group of youngsters, but a little more character would have helped. If you venture into the dark hall for this one, make sure its late and you are tired. You will leave with the inspirational originality of the sexual/ amorous melange without being too affected by the overall work. But beware of just being lulled into the realms of your own faraway dreamworld.


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