Selon Charlie

18654795Selon Charlie

Nicole Garcia :: France :: 2005 :: 1h55

A few days pass in the lives of very different characters in a small town on the scenic Atlantic coast. The town mayor, a teacher, a scientist, a crook, physiotherapist and their families all see their miserable lives cross paths with the others in almost two hours of tedious film. An unhappy portrait of a town which should know better, as the characters themselves refuse to take hold of their lives to make something of them. The scientist tries to convince the teacher to join his team, but the essential problem is shared by all – an incapacity to face their own lives, to care for those around them and themselves. A dull, badly worked out film which should have remained in the editing room considerably longer than it did. Do not let the enigmatic title seduce you into the darkness, there is not much to see.

Mars distribution



  1. Je m’aperçois que nous ne voyons pas les même films. Les derniers étaient: “Pirates des Caraïbes 2”, “D’une rive à l’autre” et “Camping”. En ce moment je suis plus tourné vers la distraction.

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