Le Pacte du sang

The Convenant

Renny Harlin :: USA :: 2006 :: 1h37

Young descendants of witches battle it out between them when one of them wants all the power. Standard teen movie with supposedly pretty boys and girls, at a good school, doing the right thing, when they are confronted with the evil of one of them. Being a young rebel is not quite what it used to be – dressed in GAP, they listen to standard music, they do not smoke, they drink coca cola and eat hamburgers like a good consumer promoting Ford automobiles. We seem to be regressing into the 1950s but this time round with a commercial gloss. The movie watches like a commercial in its extended version, with the simple ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to define the characters. I suppose that if ‘good’ deviated from what’s available at the local shopping mall it would suddenly be considerably less ‘good’. Ideally, the ‘evil’ character should have had his own independent label music taste and bought his clothes abroad … it would help us understand the true nature of ‘evil’ (but unfortunately the makers did not think of that one). If you have to sit through advertisements before the movie starts, you might get confused as to when it actually starts. Make sure you wear a T-shirt with an ostensible logo if you go in, it’ll help you feel at home.

Official site

NB French release title (if ever) is unknown at present time

UPDATE: The movie is being released in France in December 2006 … lucky us.



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