Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan :: USA :: 2005 :: 2h19

The young Bruce witnesses the murder of his industrialist parents and, on growing up, dissapears into the world with his feelings of guilt and revenge to seek out answers. Far away from his home town of Gotham City, he learns to deal with the core problem of injustice. Fighting for justice means overcoming your fear, a fear which resides in all of us. Being taught how to overcome this fear, Bruce eventually returns to Gotham City, and slowly develops a master plan on how to set the city straight. Soon enough, he discovers that he is not the only one with a solution to the rampant crime-infested city he called his home.

Following the tormented Bruce on his trek to righteousness through a dark world which gives birth to his alter-ego of Batman is a fantastic one. What starts out as a -violent- Ninja philosophy lesson, slowly builds the character into the complex fantasy hero that he becomes. Of course there is plenty of the obligatory tag line-repeating, the customary fighting scene choreographies, and the likes, but forget not that the film unconventionally builds up, whose utility you will understand as the film progresses.

The genre of comic-book hero in cinema is not for everybody, like semi-standardized production-line films, but Mr Nolan does the hero justice in a well thought-out and meticulously crafted film. There is no need for hesitation at the cinema, Batman Begins delivers.

Batman Begins


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