La Science des rêves

18647319The Science of Sleep

Michel Gondry :: France / UK :: 2005 :: 1h45

Stephane comes to Paris to take on a job at a calendar-production company arranged by his mother, which unfortunately turns out to be somewhat more dull than expected. His fantasy life goes haywire in his dreams, he falls in love with the charming Stephanie of across the hall and the two put together make for an awkward, creative and funny Calvin and Hobbes seduction.

The strength of the film lies in the elaborate creativity displayed in the dream-life of Stephane, which is a real pleasure to watch, even if put together amateuristically. The unfortunate side lies in the final scenes where the weaknesses of Stephane get the upper hand rather than his creativity. As a viewer, you would have granted him a little more success than the unconvincing absurd professional breakthrough he got. None the less, the movie is well worth watching, including some very funny side characters, with, notably, an over-the-top Chabat as his sex-obsessed, down-to-earth extraverted colleague. Very original.


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