Ca brûle

18657331Ca brûle

Claire Simon :: France :: 2006 :: 1h51

Adolescent Livia finds herself in the south of France, in the dust, after falling off her horse with an older man, a fireman, leaning over her. As he helps her, she falls in love. Summer is kicking in, it’s hot and emotions are flaring up.

Watching Livia ride around town on her horse, seeing the other teenagers passing their time idly and people going about their business is what fills most of this movie. Rest assured that the charm and seeming slow-motion of life in the village is somewhat justified towards the end, but it is a long wait. Ca Brule is like a Haiku stretched out as long as possible, and whether you consider it to have snapped or not will largely depend on your state of mind on going in. Beauty is certainly there, but there are merits to be found for one of the great attributes to the Haiku – it’s short(-er).


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