Les Etats-Unis d’Albert

18654510Les Etats-Unis d’Albert

André Forcier :: Canada :: 2005 :: 1h28

Young aspiring actor wanting to replace Valentino in the late 1920s, takes the cross country train from Montreal to Los Angeles to realize his dream. Unwillingly, he takes along the ghost of his love-sick veteran actress teacher. He meets the girl of his dreams on the train, a young mormon feminist, but fortune has a little more in store for him. A curious, theatrical, absurd plot filmed with a capable cast.

The challenge of the script has been well developed in the scenery, keeping up the tone, but there are some hiccups. The movie is funny, but not really, and naively superficial, despite being well filled. I admire the courage shown in taking on the project and it was enjoyable to watch, but none the less it misses that little bit extra which blends reality with absurdity to make it almost credible. Best served with a glass of wine, if that is not considered too outlandish for your local cinema.



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