Leçons d’amour à l’Italienne

18614084Manuale de amore

Giovanni Veronesi :: Italy :: 2005 :: 1h51

Spanning the different stages in amorous affairs, this manual takes you through the contemporary Roman sentimental minefield. Diverse characters of different ages with divergent lives who all have to face the challenges posed by their hearts’ desires and those of their counterparts. In its early beginnings, love is simple and compulsive. The manual takes us along looking over Tommaso’s shoulder as he pursues the young, hesitant Giulia. An easy going light tone is set straight away, making it clear that the movie is there to amuse you, a promise which it fulfils, even when the going gets tough when love rears its ugly face. Crisis, betrayal and rejection are all dealt with, as we follow the short cuts hand in hand to the end. If you do not expect to be presented with a thorough bisectional analysis of the heart, you are set for a bitter-sweet experience in the always excessively verbal Italian cinema. Although there is a romantically deterministic undertone you may or may not agree with, the movie is very pleasant to watch and leisurely time well spend.

http://www.manualedeamore.com (in Italian)


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