Qui m’aime me suive

18629460Qui m’aime me suive

Benoît Cohen :: France :: 2005 :: 1h40

Young professional realises that he has dedicated his working life to achieving that which was expected of him, rather than that which holds his passion. When he decides to change course, his wife, family and friends are struck with incomprehension as he kick-starts his musical career.

The thirty-somethings are in a situation of crisis, as usual, with one foot in a rebellious youth (which they did or did not have) and the other in the supposed conformist bourgeois lifestyle as propagated by their parents. This cliché ridden series of events no longer suits our time. The film itself fits into a conservative mold the main character is supposedly trying to get out of. But is taking a sabbatical year to play in a rock band THAT rebellious? The couple has no children, and we can assume there are no financial reasons not to do it, and he can always go back to the indifferent world of bureaucratic medicine, so why would his entourage be so shocked? The spinster-type barrister, who he loves and is married to, holds an equally dispassionate bureaucratic job, so surely it would be more logical if she encouraged him? And what about the parents who grew-up in the 60s, they could easily have been more ‘liberal minded’ than their children, and that would have made a more interesting movie. I think there is a fundamental problem here with the set-up.

To pass on to the details – the doctor is confronted with someone chocking and does not know how to do something as simple as a Heimlich manoeuvre(sounds like a real doctor…). The moment that the young man starts his rock band, he starts drinking. The logic being, I suppose, that if you smoke and drink, rock and roll will just ooze out of you (?!). If the general story line lacks, the public will concentrate on the details, so it is important to get them right.

To conclude with a plus point, perhaps curiously enough, the music is really not bad. But it is wasted on the other characters in the film, as they react to the music as the cliché businessman – art is only good if it is successful. When an audience applauds, the music is good. If they do not, it must be bad. They do not judge for themselves whether or not they appreciate it.

If you feel that you want to have your own opinion about Cohen’s efforts, by all means watch it, but consider than you could also just listen to the music which was composed for it by getting the soundtrack instead…


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