Patrick Grandperret :: France :: 2006 :: 1h37

Two somewhat unstable girls befriend each other in a house for the psychologically weak. Their escape for the evening leads to some aimless roaming around in the French south west, filled with side characters who walk in and out of the script. A real road movie at heart, but with a few fatal flaws.

The meetings of the girls with other more or less frustrated figures could go on indefinitely, as there is no development or build-up. Both the title (‘murderers’) and the opening scene prepare you for a murder, to which the movie does not only not build up, but does not elaborate on either. All we get is a collection of character presentations and loose ends, but to what avail? The presented pointlessness does not come forth from a nihilistic approach to life, provoked by character (L’enfant), some injustice (Thelma and Louise) or absurdity (Atomik Circus). Instead it just is, the only possible cause would have been their emotional state but that unfortunately has barely been worked out. We know too little about both characters and their history to grasp their state. In other words, there is really only one person to blame for this pointlessness: the director. The movie is has not been properly thought through pre-production, nor has it been properly directed at execution. Very little use is made of the beautiful scenery either, which could have compensated (a little bit).

The pleasure watching of road movies lies in the unpredictability of the script – where will they go now, what will they do next and who will they meet. The characters have to exceed (at least) the excitement of buying the ticket and having it torn at the door of the cinema to justify watching it. We have two charming actresses you can watch here, but you could also spend that hour getting to know the staff at your local cinema… more daring, more revealing, and more to talk about than this time-killer production.


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