Changement d’adresse

18644324Changement d’adresse

Emmanuel Mouret :: France :: 2006 : 1h25

Young musician David arrives in Paris, and needing a place to live, he meets Anne who is looking for a room mate. The clumsy, accommodating and naive David and the similarly disposed big hearted Anne become friends, supporting each other in their respective quests for love, but the burning question of course is whether or not they will find it right before them. Their flirtatious, supportive relationship can clearly swing both ways.

David is played by Marseille’s Mr Mouret himself, stepping out of the shadows of the directors-chair and into the spotlight. There are some of the same themes as in Venus et Fleur, his previous movie, with the uncomfortable scenes which come forth from our sentimental lives, but with this time round it is more sophisticated. In what sense? Humour. Changement d’adresse is very funny. A combination of word-play, absurdity and clumsiness make for a great one and a half hours of entertainment, pushing the buttons of inevitability and lightness in amorous affairs. Highly recommended.


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