Conversation(s) avec une Femme

18604049Conversations with other women

Hans Canosa :: USA :: 2006 :: 1h25

A man moves up to a woman at a wedding we don’t really see with two glasses of Champagne and attempts to seduce her. She’s the out-of-town seventh bridesmaid replacement, he’s the older bachelor brother of the bride and both somewhat cynical and melancholic. As the night progresses, their relationship – present, past and future – unfolds through a series of interconnecting word games and half-hidden flashbacks.

The curious difference between the French release title and the US title baffle me. Neither seem appropriate for a what is in essence a dialogue. If the viewer is supposed to take on the role of the male following his conversation with Her, then why the split screen tactic, which allows us to follow them both intimately? And why, in the US title, should there be ‘other women’, when it is clearly an affair of two people? But never mind that, maybe you can figure that one out.

It would be a shame to divulge more of the story, as not only is the movie worth watching, but also it rests very heavily on the dialogues, despite all the complicated photographic effort which clearly went into the production. A little crudely made, with Carla Bruni’s voice flatly laid over the film, the at times imperfection of the script and the obsessional split screen which leaves you feeling like you missed out parts of the film despite being there. But, none the less, a captivating melancholic theatrical emotional adventure which strikes the right chords. Make sure you are in the right mood not to spoil what is actually a little gem of a film.


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