Pedro Almodovar :: Spain :: 2005 :: 2h01

Raimunda is exiled in a labourers Madrid with her teenage daughter, but still with one foot firmly planted in her provincial past. Times are hard for them, and when both her somewhat ex-communicated mother and her boyfriend die, she is thrust back into the murky depths of her life. Twisted in the Almodovarian way, we are dragged along painfully by a will to survive. By all means an all-womens homage, where the men -if even in the picture- are reduced to being mostly unappealing but obligatory sexual objects, with all the consequences which flow from that. A female reality defined by strong character-ed inter-dependence, but without much hope for any romantic love. The combination of light pessimism with a cynical touch, spices this impressive scenario with an excellent cast, leaving us with a harshly coloured image of an almost surreal world. Watch, and consider for yourself.



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