Da Vinci Code

18613330The Da Vinci Code

Ron Howard :: USA :: 2005 :: 2h32

Contemporary search for the holy grail rewriting History, as the result of several mysterious murders, most notably of the curator of the Louvre who left behind a coded message for his grand daughter and a Professor in symbology. Embarking on the quest, they unravel the mystery of all mysteries in Christian History, that the Holy Grail is in fact Jesus’ bloodline. The story of the movie is so widely discussed following the unprecedented success of Dan Brown’s book of the same title, that there will be few people out there at the moment who do not know it. None the less, the details of the unravelling are so elaborate (and creative) in the book, that the movie version can not avoid endless explaining, in word and with flashbacks. To keep the pace, the movie unravels quickly, leaving out one of the charms of the mystery genre – that you try to figure it out yourself.

So we just watch passively and try to take it all in, making the thriller almost into a documentary, with some violence and chases added on. This makes it tempting to be somewhat indifferent towards the movie, especially considering there were no major mistakes. It is worth mentioning that there is some great photography – Paris (empty and with soft lighting, as always on film) and London come out well, with an added effect of frame upon frame to integrate the past into the present the way people imagine in real life (through transposition). A nice touch in a somewhat bland but faithful adaptation. It will require equal strength not to go as it was with the book, so avoidance is only for the strong willed.



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