Jean-Marc Vallee :: Canada :: 2005 :: 2h09

Coming of age in a 1960s to 80s Canadian family of five brothers, Zac struggles to find a place for himself in the world. Tuned to the rhythm of pop, the brothers all take on a role making them a portrait of an era, but do not be misled into thinking that is all. Zac’s development as a person and in his relationships to his parents are at times rudimentary and at times dealt with with sensitive detail. Because of the time span covered, life always seems to take on a certain epic proportion, and it is hard to be left untouched. It is funny to note that friendship, love and music are the only real life factors considered important, as when they study or work we are oblivious to its contents. None the less, the grand details (paths followed, relationships chosen) and small ones (mystical mother-son link, human reactions) render the tale credible, funny and moving. The importance of the seemingly silly title is explained … now only the poster …

(The Quebec dialect is strong, and subtitles sparse, so unfortunately can be hard to follow at times if unaccustomed.)



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