Quatre étoiles

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Christian Vincent :: France :: 2005 :: 1h40

Woman leading an uninteresting life inherits 50 000 euros and decides to go and spend it in the Cote d’Azur living it up. On arrival, she falls for a small time swindler, and goes in for the ride. A sunny, fast cars, Cannes and beautiful houses type movie, if it was not for the main characters being played by Isabelle Carré and José Garcia. With their screen time, we could expect a whole lot more than what we got. We are supposed to believe that Garcia’s character has no interest in the advances of Carré’s character, who plays the clumsy seductress but none the less, there is no place to hide her astounding beauty or her charm in those little dresses. Garcia plays the busy-body-I’ll-sort-it-out character, which he is good at, but the script could have given him a little more punch or twist to lift him out of the common. Not much effort went into the photography or music to compensate for the lacks, leaving the whole movie to rest on the shoulders of Ms Carré’s unconvincing character. Remind yourself what a big fan you are of one (or both) of the main actors before (and if) you go in.




  1. Not to mention that after guzzling all that champagne down Isabelle Carré’s skin maintained its normal hue and she didn’t have to spend the next morning heaving her guts up. Glad to meet your blog – I’ll be coming back for more. I live in Paris too and I spend a lot of time at the cinema.

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