April Snow

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Jin-Ho Hur :: South Korea :: 2005 :: 1h45

A man and a woman who were having an affair crash their car against another killing a young man. Their respective spouses find them in a coma in hospital and have to deal with the consequences. Their pain of betrayal, the tragedy of death and coma, and on top of that the frustration of not being able to talk to their partners, brings the two closer together. Fine-tuned with great attention to detail, both in script as in visual execution, enhances the credibility, painting a very intimate portrait of a blossoming love. It would be a pity to elaborate on the fine details worked out in the movie, as that is the charm of watching. Try going in with little more pre-knowledge than that the director takes on the ‘In the Mood for Love’-type theme and see where he takes you from there. Highly recommended.



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