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Yash Chopra :: India :: 2004 :: 3h10

During a rescue mission, pilot Veer rescues the young Zaara and falls impossibly in love. As she is already promised to another man through circumstance, her powerful fiancé, jealous of their love, has him put in jail. The proportions of the tragedy and consequences of their brief meeting on their lives and those around them are hard to overestimate. A beginning lawyer (played by the beautiful Rani Mukherjee) does her best to help him out. This Bollywood production, curiously enough widely acclaimed in India, has certainly been surpassed in the genre. The choreography and photography could be better (Lagaan), as could the music (Le mariage des Moussons). The movie lightly argues in favour of accepting the similarities with their neighbour Pakistan, women’s rights, the lawyer’s defending-the-guilty problem and deals with the age-old theme of parentally planned versus romantic love as a basis for a marriage. Not enough new material to challenge the audience, repetition of explanation and tedious all-storylines-need-to-come-full-circle make this photo-book movie skim over the surface leaving an impression with but a few scenes. Pack the motivation of a marathon runner and a double expresso.


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