Somewhere In Between

 Blogger 3370 1691 1600 18480668Somewhere In Between

Pierre Coulibeuf :: France :: 2005 :: 1h10

A woman arrives in a foreign inhospitable city and wonders if she’ll be able to settle in, changing her mind with the tick of the pendulum. The main theme of this contemporary dance movie is flanked by side themes of everyday movements of, amongst others, estrangement in a subterranean parking lot, two women living together and the life of a couple. Built around the choreography of Meg Stuart who also dances the lead, we see her and the others doubt and struggle transforming ordinary movements into abstraction, at times to such a degree that strangely enough they seem to loose their individuality through over emphasis and at times even their whole humanity as their bodies contort out of all logic. Quite a peculiar experience, approached in a considerably less cinematographic fashion than his last film -Les Guerriers de la beauté- whose emphasis lay a lot more on the (moving) image than here where the dance remains firmly in the front row. Despite the originality and creativity Stuart put into the work, I can not help but feel that more could have been done by Coulibeuf. The recurring problem of dance movies, lacking the live presence which theaters offer, is making full use of the possibilities of film. By ignoring it -Coulibeuf uses a lot of static shots and does not play with lighting or such, which is excessively Dogma honest for a photographer- we have a constant Damocles guillotine of boredom looming. It does not quite fall, but its presence obstructs the effect of what is actually a creative and original choreography.


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